Frequently asked questions

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  • Where can buses park?

    For buses, there is a turning point at the end of the driveway to drop passengers off and pick them up again; during the visit itself, buses must park at a peripheral parking lot (Doornstraat or Diksmuidse Heirweg).


  • Can I pay with Bancontact?

    Cozmix has recently installed a payment terminal. It is therefore possible to pay by credit or debit card. For individual visitors, payment in cash or via the Payconiq / bank transfer application is encouraged. For groups, payment can be made by invoice (to be agreed when booking).

Fixed visiting times

  • Do I need to make reservations when I come to see a show?

    Joining on site without a reservation is possible, but we recommend making reservations in advance if you are coming to a fixed planetarium show. That way you can be sure of your seat. Just make sure you arrive on time to enjoy the show to its fullest.

    You can now also reserve a place for a desired visit using this link.

  • How much does a visit cost?

    Admission prices to the Cozmix visitor center are:

    • €6 for adults
    • €5 for children and adolescents under 18 years of age
  • When is the observatory open?

    Cozmix is open for individual visitors on Wednesday afternoons, Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. During school vacations also on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A visit at Cozmix is a total experience, whereby you are always accompanied by a guide (from the start of the shows).

    For the exact times of the performances please check here.

  • What does a visit entail?

    A visit at Cozmix takes approximately 1.5h. Each visit consists of a fulldome film in the planetarium (30 min). This film is followed by a live presentation where you discover tonight's starry sky (30 min). After the planetarium visit, a guide accompanies you to the observation tower where you can admire and look through the telescopes (30 min). Afterwards you can also visit the interactive exhibition on astronomy (free of charge).

Planetarium shows

  • Are the planetarium shows in Dutch?

    All shows are in Dutch, except for the following times: the first and third Wednesday of the month there is a French show and the second, fourth and fifth Wednesday of the month an English show.

  • From what age are the planetarium shows recommended?

    We offer several planetarium shows aimed at adults, children, and families. For the children's shows, we recommend a minimum age of 3 years. Of course, children under 3 are also welcome and also receive free admission.

Group visits

  • How much does a visit cost?
    • Youth groups by appointment: €5 per person (with a minimum price of €75 if the group consists of less than 15 people)
    • Adult groups by appointment: €6 per visitor (with a minimum price of €90 if the group consists of less than 15 people)

  • Do you offer a full day program for groups?

    Normally, a planetarium show with explanations of our interactive exhibit and telescopes takes about 2 hours, depending on the questions asked. But there are certainly possibilities to arrange a full day with different workshops. Any specific questions about your visit? Please contact us.

    A visit at Cozmix can also be combined with a visit to the nature centre, which is located in the same building. At the nature center you get to know everything nature has to offer in an active and educational way! Thanks to interactive sensory stations and a computer quiz, you can experience nature in an unprecedented way!

  • Can you come with a group in the evening?

    Yes, groups are always welcome! Also in the evening and on weekends. The Cozmix visitor center always provides a guide who will accompany you.