Tracking of the local sky is done with a so-called allsky camera, where a fish-eye lens photographs the entire sky. Next to the Beisbroek observatory dome, above the tower entrance, is an OMEA 2Mpix color camera that allows for continuous monitoring of the day and night sky.

Most recent image of our allsky camera.

Latest image from our allsky camera

On the image you see the local horizon with the observing dome as a circular shape, with the local sky dome within it, with of course the zenith at the center of the image. During the day, the sun and weather phenomena can thus be tracked. At night, the brightest stars, planets and the moon can be tracked, along with the transient weather phenomena. In addition, temporary phenomena such as airplanes, bright satellites, the International Space Station and bright meteors can also be seen with a little luck.

What did the sky over Cozmix look like over the past few days?