Have you always wanted that cool astronomy gadget, a scientifically based celestial calendar or a rain screen with a starry sky? Cozmix can help you with that too. All the products shown below are available in our astro shop and can be bought before or after your visit. Of course it is also possible to buy tickets / free tickets for performances to offer as a gift.

Notable Products

Kaarten 3 D


3D-cards and rulers; practical and fun!

Price: €2,50 to €3,50 a piece


Astro umbrella

With this sturdy umbrella you'll be able to look at the night sky during even the heaviest of storms...

Price: €19,00 a piece

Ontwerp zonder titel

Astronomy Calendar

Don't miss any astronomical event thanks to this extensively documented astronomy calendar.

Price: €18,00 a piece

Draaibare sterrenkaart

Star chart

This rotating star chart is the perfect tool for finding your way around the night sky.

Price: €8,75 a piece


Eclipse glasses

Even when there isn't a solar eclipse these glasses can be used in

Price: €2,50 a piece

Twaalf maanden web

Twaalf Maanden Sterren Kijken

This book takes you on an expedition along all constellations visible for us. It's an indespensible guide voor the beginning observer. It is also a reference work with information about the most important stars, clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

Price: €19,00 a piece

Glow in the dark

Glow Space

A phosporescent (glow in the dark) sticker set of the planets in our solar system (and the moon) to stick to your ceiling. How cool is that?? The planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 3d stars are also available in this series. That way, you can bring space into your room. Oh, how you'll sleep...

Price: €7,00 to €11,00 a piece


Expeditie Natuur / 50 Sterrenbeelden en Planeten

Bits of information and fun facts about space. May contain: - fun quiz questions - clear illustrations - detailed information - lots of great facts.

Price: €10,00 a piece