Cozmix makes sure you experience special astronomical events from the front row. The visitor center is open during classics like the Stargazing Days and the monthly (family) nocturnes, but also for special events like eclipses, meteor swarms and bright comet appearances. This way you can observe everything with your own eyes with guidance from our staff.


Nocturnes / matinees

Every month, Cozmix organises a special nocturne. These fascinating twilight evenings in the form of unique lectures, music under the stars, observational activities, never-before-seen planetarium shows, ... are always organized on Friday or Saturday evenings.

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink and an exchange of ideas with each other and with the speaker. Weather permitting, there is also the possibility to observe the stars together!

Occasionally there are also matinees. These events take place during the morning.

Entrance fee (including reception): adult €15 / youngster (<18 y) €10

Beisbroek 26

Space 4 Kids

In addition to the regular nocturnes, there are also monthly (from October to April) family nocturnes on Friday evenings called 'Space 4 Kids'. These observation evenings for the whole family take place at the most favorable moment to observe the moon through the telescopes. The observatory is open from 5:30 p.m., there are planetarium shows at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Every evening there are specific workshops, night walks or other astronomical activities. Join us for an evening's adventure through the stars!

Entrance fee: adult €8 / youngster (<18 y) €7


Stargazing Days

Every year, the VVS organizes the annual Stargazing Days. Once again, Volkssterrenwacht Beisbroek vzw actively participates. Partly because of the frequent stray light, the contact between ordinary people and the night sky has almost completely disappeared. For the Belgian Astronomical Society and for the Volkssterrenwacht Beisbroek vzw, this is one of the reasons for the organisation of the annual Stargazing Day. During several evenings throughout autumn, various telescopes will be set up at Cozmix to guide visitors on a journey along the stars, moon and planets. During the evening, there will also be an opportunity to view planetarium shows.

Entrance fee: Free

Attention: planetarium shows are charged: adults €6 / youngsters (<18 y) €5


Special Events

Cozmix also opens its doors to the public for special events such as lunar or solar eclipses, meteor swarms and bright cometary phenomena. Keep a close eye on our calendar in advance, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about upcoming special events.

Entrance fee: Free

Events 2022-2023

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