What does a visit at Cozmix entail?

Visitor Center Cozmix is open for individual visitors on Wednesday afternoons, Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. A visit at Cozmix is always a complete experience that includes a film in the planetarium and a live presentation of the current night sky, followed by a visit to our observatory, and ending in the interactive exhibition area. You can read more about each aspect of the visitor center below.

Beisbroek 41

The planetarium

The planetarium is the heart of the Cozmix visitor center. Here you can step into the wonderful world of astronomy. On an 84m² domed screen you can watch the desired full-dome show from one of the comfortable reclining chairs. With themes such as the solar system, the planets, the universe, gravity, black holes and exoplanets, there is something for everyone.

This full-dome film is followed by a live presentation where you discover the current starry sky. Bet you can identify planets and constellations in the night sky afterward?

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The observatory

If the planetarium is the beating heart of Cozmix, the telescopes in the tower are the highly sensitive eyes of the visitor center. The two large telescopes in the dome provide an excellent view of countless celestial objects: the sun with possible sunspots and flares, the moon, planets, nebulae and who knows, even galaxies far away! The operation of the various types of telescopes is explained in detail, but above all, try to enjoy the magnificent images that will remain etched on your retina for a long time to come.

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The exhibition space

In the interactive exhibition area you will find a wealth of information about the origin and life cycle of stars and, of course, our own solar system. How are stars and galaxies grouped together? Is the universe really expanding and is there an end to our universe? What does a nebula look like? And how did we figure all of this out?

The fascinating answers can be found in the exhibition. The exhibition space is part of the total experience at Cozmix and can therefore not be visited separately. We also regularly have temporary exhibitions. These can be visited free of charge and separately from a visit to the observatory.

Opening hours


Planetarium shows at 3:00 pm and at 4:30 pm


Planetarium show at 8.30 pm

Free entrance to the telescopes from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can enter at the latest at 9.30 p.m. From May 15 to August 15, this possibility does not exist because it is too late for darkness.


Planetarium shows at 3.00 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.

During the school vacations there are extra performances from Monday to Friday at 10.30 h, 13.30 h, 15.00 h and 16.30 h.

Entrance fees

Children and youths (-18) : €5 PP

Adults (+18) : €6 PP

Attention: There is no terminal for payment cards. We only accept cash and Payconiq.

If you want to be sure of a place at the time of your visit, you can use our reservation form.