The area

In the beautiful Beisbroek domain that surrounds the Cozmix visitor center, you will find the planetary path that leads you to the moors. Along the planet trail you can walk through a scale model of the solar system. The 98-hectare green space is open to walkers but the main paths are also accessible to cyclists. The forest is mainly adorned with beech and coniferous trees. You can walk or rest at a picnic site, but you can also enjoy a delicious pancake or lunch in the tearoom Het Koetsenhuis!

Beisbroek 15

The planet trail (<1 km)

A visit to the observatory is ideally combined with a walk along the planet trail. The trail represents a scale model of our solar system. Every step you take is equivalent to 9 million kilometers! The planet trail starts in front of the entrance of the building, at the sun, next to the sundial. The actual distance is 835 meters and takes you past all the planets, the asteroid belt, Pluto and the Ice Dwarfs. Not only the distance, but also the size of the planets is represented to scale. Each planet is also displayed with its mythological figure. Our planet trail app will guide you through our solar system with fun facts!

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Tearoom Het Koetsenhuis

Tearoom 'Het Koetsenhuis'

The tearoom is located next to the Cozmix visitor center. Here you can enjoy delicious hot and cold drinks and in the afternoon there are always fresh pancakes, waffles, apple pie, ice cream and many other snacks available. On sunny days it is lovely to relax on what many describe as "the most beautiful terrace in Bruges". The tearoom is the ideal stop during cycling or walking tours and a group picnic is possible when buying a drink. Moreover, the tearoom is easily accessible for wheelchair users, both inside and outside. Chris and Jan will receive you with open arms!



Telephone: +32 499 62 89 19

Volkssterrenwacht Beisbroek

Beisbroek Nature Centre

The Beisbroek Nature Center is located on the ground floor of the Cozmix visitor center building. Here visitors can sharpen and test their knowledge and understanding of nature in an active and playful way with over 40 interactive stands: question and combination games, computer quiz, smell, feel and hear. An ideal activity for the whole family!

The Nature Center is open to the public for free.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Other hours are possible by appointment for schools and groups.
Phone number: +32 50 32 90 20