Astronomy apps

Cozmix has collected some nice apps for all astronomy lovers. You will find both very accessible apps, as well as apps for the more advanced.

Orders of magnitude app

VR game: Orders of Magnitude

Have you ever wondered what the whole Universe looks like? With the myriad Galaxies, including our Milky Way galaxy, containing billions of Stars, and our own Solar System? See the Earth from above, including the International Space Station and an Astronaut in orbit. What does his Brain look like? What about its Neural Network, all the Neuron Cells and their DNA? Have you seen an Electron Cloud surrounding the tiny Atomic Nucleus, filled with Protons and Neutrons? And what lies at even smaller scales?

ISS live app

Watch live ISS footage from Earth

Have you always wanted to be an astronaut? Then this app is ideal for you! ISS Live Now consists of live images from the International Space Station and keeps you up to date with the astronauts' adventures 24/7.

NASA app ipad

NASA in your pocket

This app summarises all of NASA's information in a handy way, keeping you up to date with the latest developments in astronomy.

Esa kids

Explore the cosmos in a creative way

The European Space Agency also has an interactive app. It includes educative games, inspiration for space-themed craftworks and of course more information about our universe.

APOD app

A new astronomy wallpaper every day

The app Daily APOD Wallpaper uses NASA's "Astronomy Picture Of the Day" to provide your smartphone with a fun background every day. The backgrounds are very diverse and range from distant nebulae to photos of our starry skies on Earth. Highly recommended!

Star tracker jpg

Recognise all the constellations in the sky

Are you fascinated by the constellations in the sky? Then this app is definitely for you! With Star Tracker, all you have to do is point your smartphone at the sky and the constellations become visible. This is the ideal way to learn the constellations. Tip: It's best to take the cover off your smartphone because it can cause problems with the calibration of the constellations.


Find all your favourite objects in an instant

Do you want to prepare an observing session? Looking for an interactive, high-quality star chart? Then you should definitely try Stellarium! It gives an overview of all the objects that can be observed in the night sky. Not only stars and planets, but also comets, satellites, nebulae, globular clusters and much more. Because you can enter the eyepiece of your telescope or viewfinder, Stellarium is the ideal platform to learn how to star hop: jump from star to star to find fainter objects. Stellarium does take some practice to master...


Bring the rovers home

This app developed by NASA brings the rovers that were used to explore the solar system right into your living room. Spacecraft AR uses, as the name suggests, augmented reality that allows you to view the rovers from any angle through your smartphone's camera.

NAS Aselfie

Take a selfie with your favourite galaxy

With this app from NASA, you can travel all over the universe. You can prove this to your friends with an accompanying selfie in your virtual space suit. Information is provided with the different backgrounds. This application was developed on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the launch of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.


Interactive scientific simulations

Founded in 2002 by the Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations Project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive simulations for science and mathematics (STEM).


Create your own universe

Would you like to decide for yourself what happens in our universe? Then you'll definitely want to try this one out! You can create your own stars, make them collide and much more.


Discover the solar system

A great 3D model/mobile planetarium for exploring space. The app presents a time-sensitive simulation of our universe, showing planets, stars, satellites, dwarfs, asteroids, comets, etc. live.