Groups get a luxury treatment at visitor center Cozmix! From 15 people upwards, you can come to the planetarium and observatory at any time by appointment, including evenings and weekends. The program can always be adapted in consultation with our staff. To reserve a group visit, please use the online request form or call us on 050 39 05 66.

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The visit starts in the planetarium. Here you step into the wonderful world of astronomy. On an 84m² domed screen you watch the desired fulldome show from one of the 45 reclining chairs. This can be about the solar system, the planets, the universe, black holes and exoplanets. Following the film screening, we discover the magnificent starry sky and travel to other planets. You will undertake a journey to the darkest places on earth where you can observe more than 7000 stars. Why are the days longer in summer than in winter? Or how about the Midnight Sun and the Pole Star?

Overview of the shows
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Exhibition space

In the interactive exhibition at Cozmix you will find answers to many questions. You'll find a wealth of information about the origin and life cycle of stars and, of course, about our own solar system. How are stars and galaxies grouped together? Is the universe really expanding and is there an end to our universe? What does a nebula look like? And how did we find out about all this?

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If the planetarium is the beating heart of Cozmix, the telescopes in the tower are the highly sensitive eyes of the visitor center. The two large telescopes in the dome bring countless objects in the starry sky into excellent focus. A visit to the observatory would not be complete if you did not visit our telescopes. Even in case of poor weather, we have an alternative.




Groups can opt to add one or more workshops to their visit in addition to (or instead of) the basic visit and thus put together their own program. View the different workshops here.


To reserve a visit, contact Cozmix by email or call 050 39 05 66. To be sure of a visit at the desired time, we recommend booking in advance. You can also contact us with specific wishes or a request for activities around certain themes.



• Youth groups (-18 years): €5 per person
(with a minimum charge of €75 if the group consists of less than 15 people);

• Adult groups (+18 years old): €6 per person
(with a minimum price of € 90 if the group consists of less than 15 people).

For the workshops, there are 2 price categories:
Category 'green':

Planetary Path | Quest | Observation | Spacecraft | Exoplanets

For these workshops, the cost is €2 PP when scheduled consecutively to a visit.

Category 'yellow':
Programming Mars Rovers | Comets | Launching Rockets | Weather & Climate | Spectroscopy | Gravity

The cost for these workshops is €3 PP when scheduled after a basic package.

Workshops can also be booked without a visit to the planetarium and observatory.
1 workshop category green: €5 p.p.
1 workshop category yellow: €6 p.p.
2 workshops, 2x green: €8 p.p.
2 workshops, 2x yellow/orange: €10 p.p.
2 workshops, 1x green, 1x yellow/orange: €9 p.p.

Rental facilities

On the upper floor of the Koetsenhuis, Cozmix has a number of rooms that can be rented as classrooms or meeting rooms. You can always contact us for the specific terms. The classroom has room for 36 people, a magnetic writing board and an installed projector. The smaller meeting room has room for 10 people. On-site catering is possible through the tearoom on the ground floor.

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