Celebrate your birthday at the observatory

At Cozmix you will experience an unforgettable afternoon between the stars! What is there to expect?

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The visit starts at the planetarium. There you step into the wonderful world of astronomy. On a large, dome-shaped screen you can watch the desired fulldome presentation from one of the reclining chairs. Would you like to join aliens, like real space travelers, in their search for the perfect vacation planet? Or maybe you would like to join Vladimir the polar bear and James the penguin on an adventure in their space boat? Choose from our wide range of planetarium shows. Following the film screening, we discover the beautiful starry sky and travel to other planets.

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After this, we'll go all the way up into the observation tower to take a look through our big telescopes. See the sun through the big lens, who knows, you might even see sunspots or solar flares! A visit to the observatory would not be complete if you did not visit our telescopes. Even in case of poor weather we have an alternative.


For those who just can't get enough of space, there are some exciting activities possible following the basic visit (planetarium, exhibition and telescopes). You can choose between two different activities:

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It's not rocket science...

During this workshop we will find out how the rockets we are going to build work, and how to make them. Concepts like gravity, air resistance, center of gravity and pressure point are explained through experiments. Then we make our own miniature rockets. Of course the rockets have to be put together properly, after which they can also be decorated. To finish off, they are launched. Which rocket will go the highest and farthest?

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Scavenger hunt

Scientists are constantly searching through the universe: for new planets, for water and life, for earthlings,... Maybe other beings in space are also looking for us? But they haven't found us yet. Or have they? Last night there was an unusual visitor at the observatory, who left at lightning speed. A combination lock was left around our surprise case, so someone has been there but.... Who is it? We try to find out which space creature locked the suitcase here. In the forest, you'll look for space creatures, rockets, constellations and planets. If you find them all, you'll know who came by this night and crack the code to open the suitcase and thus continue the visit or unwrap a real surprise.


For youth groups (<18 years old), the following prices apply:

Basic visit : €5 per person
(with a minimum price of €75 if the group consists of less than 15 people);
Basic visit + rocket launch : €9 per person
(with a minimum price of €135 if the group consists of less than 15 people);
Basic visit + quest : €8 per person
(with a minimum price of €120 if the group consists of less than 15 people);


A basic visit lasts 1.5 hours. A visit with workshop lasts 2.5 hours.


To book a visit, contact Cozmix by email or call 050 39 05 66. In order to have enough time to find suitable facilitators, please make a reservation at least three weeks in advance. You can also always contact us with specific wishes or a request for activities around certain themes.

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No astronaut food for you, you can finish off with delicious pancakes or waffles in the tearoom Het Koetsenhuis next to our building. Please contact Jan at 0474 87 15 77.

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You will surely be having an astronomical birthday at Cozmix!