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The Stars (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)

Code: STE0440
Auteurs: Evry L. Schatzman , Francoise Praderie , A.R. King
ISBN: 3540541969
Uitgever: Springer
Uitgegeven: 04 June, 1993
Korte beschrijving: This is a modern treatment of the physics of the stars. The book starts with a chapter on stellar fundamentals, and then the story of the lives and deaths of the stars begins. The authors take us on a journey from the sun, a comparatively young star, to supernovae, manifestations of dramatic death. On the way, the reader, advanced undergraduate or beginning postgraduate, is presented with such topics as stellar evolution, mass loss and stellar wind, the hydrodynamics of stellar interiors, variability, and solar and stellar activity. This comprehensive but rigorous text, building on the theoretical and observational advances of recent years, including, for instance, a discussion of astrophysical theory in the light of Supernova 1987A, will become required reading for all serious students of astronomy.