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Astrophysical Techniques

Code: STE0390
Auteurs: C. R. Kitchin
ISBN: 750301384
Uitgever: Inst of Physics Pub Inc
Uitgegeven: October, 1991
Korte beschrijving: Astrophysical Techniques provides a comprehensive and clearly understandable account of the instruments and techniques used in astronomy and astrophysics. Drawing together an ever-diverging array of observational techniques, using the common thread of a detection-imaging-ancillary instruments pattern, Dr Kitchin has provided us with a unified view of astrophysical investigation. The author's fully illustrated text starts from first principles and explains each method up to the point at which you can begin practical work with the equipment and even start designing it. Exercises with answers are used to reinforce the ideas presented in each chapter. There is also an extensive bibliography to enable further study and appendices of tables of astrophysical data provide an excellent reference source. Science undergraduates taking an astronomy option will find Astrophysical Techniques an essential study aid. Amateur astronomers of any level will find this book to be of immense value to research. Professional astronomers should use this book as a source of information on areas unfamiliar to them. This revised and updated edition of Dr Kitchin's authoritative book contains a large amount of new material keeping the student of astronomy totally informed. It is an essential guide to all the astrophysical methods and techniques.