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High Energy Astrophysics

Code: STE0346
Auteurs: Malcolm S. Longair
ISBN: 521435846
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 26/aug/94
Korte beschrijving: The highly acclaimed first edition of High Energy Astrophysics instantly established itself as a classic in the teaching of contemporary astronomy. Reflecting the immense interest and developments in the subject, Professor Longair has developed the second edition into three texts; in this second volume he provides a comprehensive discussion of the high energy astrophysics of stars, the Galaxy and the interstellar medium. He develops an understanding for the essential physics with an elegance and infectious enthusiasm for which his teaching is internationally renowned, illustrating the issues throughout with results from the forefront of research. This book takes the student with an undergraduate background in physics and mathematics--but not necessarily with training in astronomy--to the point where current astrophysical research can be understood.