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Stars and their Spectra: An Introduction to the Spectral Sequence

Code: STE0305
Auteurs: James B. Kaler
ISBN: 521304946
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 26 May, 1989
Korte beschrijving: This unique and informative text describes how stars are classified according to their spectral qualities and temperature. James Kaler explains the alphabet of stellar astronomy, running from cool M stars to hot O stars, and tells the story of their evolution. Before embarking on a voyage of cosmic discovery, the author discusses the fundamental properties of stars, their atomic structure and the formation of spectra. Then, Kaler considers each star type individually and explores its spectra in detail. A review of unusual, hard-to-classify stars, and a discussion of data related to the birth, life and death of stars round out the text. This book is an important resource for all amateur astronomers and students of astronomy. Professionals will find it a refreshing read as well.