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Astrophysical Concepts

Code: STE0225
ISBN: 3540966838
Uitgever: Springer Verlag
Uitgegeven: June, 1988
Korte beschrijving: Astronomer Harwit has finally updated his classic textbook to encompass the exciting developments of the decade since its last edition. It is ideal for those Scientific American readers who are mathematically literate and who want to pursue topics covered in the magazine to greater depth. Harwit takes a thematic approach to the subject, oriented around the guiding physical principles rather than the conventional sequence of planet, star, galaxy and cosmos. The approach rewards readers who just want to flip through the book as well as students who want to derive for themselves some of the basic equations in astronomy. Harwit also includes an idiosyncratic sampling of unorthodox topics such as faster-than-light particles, steady-state cosmology and panspermia.