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Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis

Code: STE0940
Auteurs: Sean G. Ryan and Andrew J.Norton
ISBN: 9780521133203
Uitgever: Cambridge University
Uitgegeven: 2010
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: This self-contained astrophysics textbook for advanced undergraduates explores how stars form, what happens to them as they age, and what becomes of them when they die. Students can investigate the physical processes sustaining the energy output of stars during each stage of their evolution and which drive the progression from one stage to the next, and examine the relationship between different stages of stellar evolution and the production of the chemical elements. The textbook contains a wealth of worked examples and exercises with full solutions. Summaries, key facts and equations are clearly identified, and there are full colour illustrations throughout. Drawing on decades of experience in supported learning and independent study, this textbook is an ideal bridging text for astrophysics and physics majors looking to move on from the introductory texts.