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In darkness born

Code: STE0936
Auteurs: Martin Cohen
ISBN: 9780521106054
Uitgever: Cambridge university press
Uitgegeven: 2009
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: First published in 1988 In Darkness Born brings together diverse work from many different branches of astronomy and shows clearly the synthesis of ideas that has resulted. The book presents the basic physical and astronomical ideas that are adequate for the lay reader to grasp the nature of our galaxy and to understand the way in which it formed. These basic concepts are used to develop a theoretical picture of how stars are born from giant clouds of gas and dust, and to understand the evidence from optical, radio, X-ray, ultraviolet and infrared observation. Martin Cohen is a recognised authority in this field. His knowledge and lucid style have resulted in a book which provides a stimulating introduction to most of the major concepts of astronomy. Any reader who prefers to grasp these concepts and ideas without tangling with theory and equations will find this a fascinating and illuminating book