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Extrasolar Planets: Formation, Detection and Dynamics

Code: STE0915
Auteurs: Rudolf Dvorak
ISBN: 3527406719
Uitgever: Wiley-VCH
Uitgegeven: 19/dec/07
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving:  
This latest, up-to-date resource for research on extrasolar planets covers formation, dynamics, atmospheres and detection. After a look at the formation of giant planets, the book goes on to discuss the formation and dynamics of planets in resonances, planets in double stars, atmospheres and habitable zones, detection via spectra and transits, and the history and prospects of ESPs as well as satellite projects. .
The extrasolar planets are one of the research focuses of modern astronomy. Their detection in the close vicinity of their brilliant central stars require the highest possible skills in observational accuracy, instrument performance and data evaluation. The investigation of those objects yield new insights into the physics and chemistry of planets in general, hence into the origin of our home world.
Detection methods employ the observation of various parameters of stellar light as well as of the evolving planets themselves.
This work covers the evolution and dynamics of planets as well as their detection now and in the future.