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An Introduction to the Sun and Stars

Code: STE0900
Auteurs: Simon F. Green , Mark H. Jones
ISBN: 521546222
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 01 March, 2004
Korte beschrijving:   Compiled by a team of experts, this textbook has been designed for elementary university courses in astronomy and astrophysics. Beginning with a discussion of our nearest star, the Sun, the volume then considers how astronomers study the basic physical properties and life-cycles of more distant stars. Exotic objects such as black holes are also introduced. The text contains numerous useful learning features such as boxed summaries, student exercises with full solutions, and a glossary of terms. It is also supported by a website hosting further teaching materials. Written in an accessible style that avoids complex mathematics, this book is suitable for self-study and will appeal to amateur astronomers as well as undergraduate students.