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Space (Indaba Mini Curio Series)

Code: STE0830
Auteurs: John Gribbin
ISBN: 563537132
Uitgever: BBC Books
Uitgegeven: 19 July, 2001
Korte beschrijving: The story of the exploration of deep space that has largely taken place in the final decades of the 20th century. Space probes have now visited all of the major planets of our Solar System. However, beyond the Solar System, across the final frontier of space, astronomers are now able to explore the Universe by proxy, using evidence form light, radio waves, X-rays and other information gathered by telescopes and satellites. "Space" provides an insight into the way that astronomers work, explaining how they make the discoveries that make headlines, as well as the stories behind those headlines. John Gribbin puts deep space into perspective with the aid of specially commissioned illustrations and photographs from astronomical telescopes.