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New Trends in Astronomy Teaching

Code: ALG0477
Auteurs: L. Gouguenheim , D. McNally , J. R. Percy
ISBN: 521623731
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 13 October, 1998
Korte beschrijving:
How do students learn astronomy? Can the World-Wide Web be used to teach effectively? In what ways do planetariums help with educating the public? These are just some of the timely questions addressed in this stimulating review of new trends in the teaching of astronomy. Based on an international meeting hosted by the University of London and the Open University (IAU Colloquium 162), this volume presents articles by experts from around the world. Teachers experienced in teaching astronomy at all levels, in Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, the former Soviet Union, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand provide a global perspective on: university education, distance learning and electronic media, how students learn, the planetarium in education, public education in astronomy, and astronomy in schools. The proceedings of the first IAU Colloquium (105), The Teaching of Astronomy, edited by Percy and Pasachoff, were first published by Cambridge in 1990 and soon became established as the definitive resource for astronomy teachers. Astronomy education has advanced enormously in the intervening seven years, and this sequel will inspire and encourage teachers of astronomy at all levels and provide them with a wealth of ideas and experience on which to build.