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Cosmology and Astrophysics

Code: KOS0480
Auteurs: Yervant Terzian , Elizabeth Bilson
ISBN: 801414970
Uitgever: Cornell University Press
Uitgegeven: February, 1983
Korte beschrijving: A survey of current theoretical work and observation is areas of cosmology, high energy astrophysics, and solar systems studies is presented. Various constructs for steady-state and Big Bang models of the Universe are explored, as are the potentials for observing the gravitational effects predicted by the General Theory of Relativity. Processes leading to black hole explosions are discussed, together with theoretical descriptions and observational data on the characteristics of binary pulsars. The possibility of viewing a neutron star is investigated in terms of astronomical soft X-ray observations. Attention is given to resonances occurring between planetary ring systems and planetary natural satellites. Submicron particles emitted by comets in the earth vicinity are described, and the energetics of the Jovian magnetosphere interacting with the Io torus are analytically examined