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The Universe at Large: Key Issues in Astronomy and Cosmology

Code: KOS0450
Auteurs: Guido Münch , Antonio Mampaso , Francisco Sánchez
ISBN: 521589444
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 13/nov/97
Korte beschrijving: The Universe at Large presents a unique survey of key questions outstanding in contemporary astronomy and cosmology. In this timely volume, eleven of the world's greatest living astronomers and cosmologists present personal views of what problems must be addressed by future research. Allan Sandage presents a 23-point plan to reach a full understanding of the large-scale structure in the Universe; Geoffrey Burbidge looks at the future of the Quasi Steady State alternative to the Big Bang; E. Margaret Burbidge, Donald Osterbrock and Malcolm Longair discuss active galactic nuclei (AGN); Igor Novikov, Donald Lynden-Bell, Martin Rees and Rashid Sunyaev look at the physics of black holes; and Bernard Pagel and Hubert Reeves concentrate on what we don't yet understand about elements in the cosmos. This book provides a unique review of our current understanding in astronomy and cosmology and a host of profitable research ideas for graduate students and researchers.