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An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology

Code: KOS0380
Auteurs: Jamal Nazrul Islam
ISBN: 521377609
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 30 October, 1992
Korte beschrijving: This book is a concise introduction to the mathematical aspects of the origin, structure and evolution of the universe. The book begins with a brief overview of observational cosmology and general relativity, and goes on to discuss Friedmann models, the Hubble constant, models with a cosmological constant, singularities, the early universe, inflation and quantum cosmology. This book is rounded off with a chapter on the distant future of the universe. The book is written as a textbook for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. It will also be of interest to cosmologists, astrophysicists, astronomers, applied mathematicians and mathematical physicists.