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Space and Time in the Modern Universe

Code: KOS0080
Auteurs: P. C. W. Davies
ISBN: 521291518
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 27 May, 1977
Korte beschrijving: From the dust jacket: "Writing in an authoritative yet straightforward style requiring no prior knowledge of advanced mathematics or physics, Dr Davies explores the changing ideas of space and time particularly as illustrated by their application to astronomical and cosmological scenarios: for example, black holes, the big bang and the ultimate fate of the universe. Careful discussions of well established physics, such as relativity, electromagnetic waves and laws of motion, are accompanied by exciting and provocative recent developments. Contentious topics such as space-time singularities, the quantum evaporation of black holes and man's place in the universe are treated with a clear distinction between fact and conjecture. Here is an engaging account, enjoyable to read, and enlivened by informal diagrams, of some of the most intriguing advances in modern science. Thus Dr Davies provides a relatively easy way to learn new physics, including advanced material usually omitted from all but the most specialist mathematical treatments. Difficult concepts are explained in the earlier chapters, so paving the way to understanding the later advanced work. The book will appeal to undergraduate scientists and non-scientists at universities, to established scientists requiring an easy review of modern developments, as well as to any reader with a scientific or philosophical bent who is intrigued by such questions as: What happened before the big bang? What happens at the centre of a black hole? Can time be reversed? and many more."