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Wide-Field Astrophotography: Exposing the Universe Starting With a Common Camera

Code: INS0320
Auteurs: Robert Reeves
ISBN: 943396646
Uitgever: Univ of Alabama Ctr for Bus
Uitgegeven: July, 1999
Korte beschrijving: The easiest way to capture the night sky on film is to use an ordinary 35-mm camera with interchangeable lenses. Such equipment affords a wide field of view, making easy work of imaging constellations, comets, meteors, the Milky Way, and much more. This book is a wonderful introduction to wide-field astrophotography. The techniques it describes will help you produce stunning astronomical portraits time after time. The author discusses cameras, lenses, filters, film, and photographic accessories, exploring both the theory and practice of astrophotography. The book is filled with numerous images of equipment and celestial objects. Both novice and experienced skyshooters will find it to be a valuable source of information and inspiration.