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The New CCD Astronomy: How to Capture the Stars With a CCD Camera in Your Own Backyard

Code: INS0300
Auteurs: Ron Wodaski
ISBN: 971123705
Uitgever: Multimedia Madness Inc
Uitgegeven: 01 January, 2002
Korte beschrijving:  It contains everything you need to know to become proficient at CCD imaging. Hundreds of detailed illustrations show you how to select equipment, take pictures, and process your images with a variety of software.

This book cover everything you need to know: How a CCD camera works; How to achieve critical focus; How to choose the right equipment (mount, telescope, and CCD camera); How to autoguide, and more.

You'll also learn the secrets of color imaging, the art of noise reduction, many image processing techniques, and specialized techniques for planets, nebulae, galaxies, etc.

Free with purchase: a one-year subscription to the New CCD Astronomy web site, including: a complete online version of the book; additional fully-illustrated tutorials; discussion groups moderated by the author; searchable database of CCD imaging targets; and a number of free software tools to improve your CCD imaging results.