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Celestial Treasury: From the Music of the Spheres to the Conquest of Space

Code: GES0600
Auteurs: Marc Lachièze-Rey , Jean-Pierre Luminet , Joe Laredo
ISBN: 521800404
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 16 July, 2001
Korte beschrijving:

A breathtaking survey of the richness of astronomical theories and illustrations through the ages.

Throughout history, the mysterious dark skies above us have inspired our imaginations in countless ways, influencing our endeavours in science and philosophy, religion, literature and art. Picturing the Sky is a truly beautiful book showing the richness of astronomical theories and illustrations in Western civilization through the ages, exploring their evolution, and comparing ancient and modern throughout. From Greek verse, mediaeval manuscripts and Victorian poetry to spacecraft photographs and computer-generated star charts, the unprecedented wealth of these portrayals is quite breathtaking. How did philosophers and scientists try to explain the order which seems to govern celestial motion? How did geometers and artists measure and map the skies? How many different answers have been proposed for the most fundamental of all questions: When and how did our world come about? Who inhabits the Heavens - gods, angels or extraterrestrials? The anwers to these questions can be found among these stunning pages.