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A Walk Through the Southern Sky: A Guide to Stars and Constellations and Their Legends

Code: GES0480
Auteurs: Milton D. Heifetz , Wil Tirion
ISBN: 521665140
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 15 January, 2000
Korte beschrijving:

What star is that? Where is the Southern Cross? Who was Orion? This book answers these questions and many more. Its unique simplified maps make it easy to find the constellations in the southern hemisphere skies, and the stars within them. Clear instructions guide the user on how to gauge sizes and distances, and move easily between constellations. This new edition has been updated with additional mythology information, and a list of the planet positions up to 2016. The ancient myths and legends of the sky are retold to add to the mystery of the stars. Of value to all ages, this book introduces the patterns of the starry skies in a memorable way. No equipment is needed to use this practical guide: apart from normal sight and clear skies. Magically illustrated, this is an ideal introduction to launch the young astronomer on a journey across the starlit skies.

'You don't need a telescope to learn where the constellations are - this book tells you exactly how to find them simply by looking at the sky. It's a useful skill to acquire: you can impress your friends when you stumble out of the pub by pointing out what's where in the night sky. The legends are fascinating too. This is a good book for someone who hasn't made their mind up about investing in a telescope.' The Times 'Its unique, simplified maps not only make constellations easy to find but also help locate the stars within them. Without having to use a telescope or other astronomical equipment, readers can gauge the sizes and separations between constellations, and easily move from one to the other, by simply following the book's clear instructions. In addition, the ancient myths and legends surrounding the constellations, are retold, providing a rich historical perspective.' Astronomical Society of the Pacific 'This accessible book provides you with simple, straightforward maps of the southern sky constellations and the mythology of some of the more notable ones. It's a must if you're planning a trip to go observing Down Under.' BBC Sky at Night 'Ideal for the back-garden star-gazer ... this handbook helps one navigate through the visible stars and constellations without needing a telescope, and provides sufficient background information and historical anecdotes to whet the appetite of all but the most persistent armchair astronomer. ... The descriptive charts are plentiful, uncomplicated and clearly labelled, and anticipate most queries that could arise during casual viewing. ... a good incentive to get out of that armchair and have a good try. For those who normally see the southern skies, this volume is an excellent way to get started.' The Observatory