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Sun the Moon and the Stars

Code: GES0450
Auteurs: Richard Whelan
ISBN: 1885440359
Uitgever: First Glance Books
Uitgegeven: June, 1998
Korte beschrijving: Since the dawn of human consciousness, the sun, the moon, and the stars have inspired awe, curiosity, fear, and delight. The great works of art collected in this book beautifully convey the sense of wonder and magic that have always attended these cosmic presences. The illustrated works range from Tintoretto's painting of the mythical origin of the Milky Way to a star map by Albrecht Durer; from Claude Monet's Impression: Sunrise (the painting from which Impressionism got its name) to Italian Renaissance tarot cards of the planets; and from a golden Inca sun god to a Japanese painting of the moon and a rabbit. These images are enhanced by dozens of great quotations and by Richard Whelan's essays, which explore astronomy, astrology, and mythological lore through the ages