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Star Tales

Code: GES0260
Auteurs: Ian Ridpath
ISBN: 718826957
Uitgever: Lutterworth Press
Uitgegeven: 01 January, 1989
Korte beschrijving:
This book had its origins in my skywatching guides for amateur astronomers. As I came to describe each constellation, I found myself wondering about its origin and the way in which ancient people had personified it in mythology. Astronomy books did not contain satisfactory answers. They either gave no mythology at all, or they recounted stories that, I later discovered, were not true to the Greek originals. I decided to write my own book on the mythology of the constellations. The result, Star Tales, appeared in 1988 and remains a favourite of mine. To make it more widely available, I have now transferred it to the web with amendments and enhancements. Further updates and improvements are made from time to time.