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Norton's star atlas and reference handbook (Epoch 1950.0)

Code: ATL0040
Auteurs: Arthur P Norton
ISBN: 852489005
Uitgever: Gall and Inglis
Uitgegeven: 1978
Korte beschrijving: Norton's Star Atlas is the most famous astronomical reference in the world, having guided thousands of professional and amateur stargazers in their search of the night skies. The 1998 edition is completely revised and expanded, with maps drawn to standard epoch 2000.0,
using computer techniques to achieve unprecedented accuracy. You'll find every object visible to the naked eye, as well as star clusters, galaxies, and other celestial objects. Norton's also includes indispensable observation hints and technical explanations, with pointers to other information sources. Whether you're using a telescope, binoculars, or just your eyes, Norton's is your guide to what's up there.