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Astronomy, the Evolving Universe

Code: ALG0375
Auteurs: Michael Zeilik
ISBN: 471605239
Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons
Uitgegeven: January, 1988
Korte beschrijving:


This 5th edition contains recent information on the Voyager 2 mission to Uranus, Halley's Comet, superclusters and voids, and the inflationary universe model. Other new material covers image processing, solar activity and seismic studies, and high-energy astrophysics. Chapters have been carefully revised and there is much new artwork. The style is informal and non-mathematical, and development of the material progresses from the concrete to the abstract. The main theme of cosmic evolution and the sub-theme of scientific model-building are carried through the book's four parts: a history of cosmology, the solar system, stars and stellar systems, and current speculations. Chapters include new lists of key terms, new problems incorporating algebra, and multiple-choice questions keyed to learning-objectives; a seasonal star chart has also been added.