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Discovery of cosmic fractals

Code: KOS0844
Auteurs: Y. Baryshev & P. Teerikorpi
ISBN: 9789810248727
Uitgever: World Scientific
Uitgegeven: 2002
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: This book presents the fascinating new results on the largest fractal structures in the universe. It guides the reader, in a simple way, to the frontiers of astronomy, explaining how fractals appear in cosmic physics, from our solar system to the megafractals in deep space. It also offers a personal view of the history of the idea of self-similarity and of cosmological principles, from Plato's ideal architecture of the heavens to Mandelbrot's fractals in the modern physical cosmos. In addition, this invaluable book presents the great fractal debate in astronomy (after Luciano Pietronero's first fractal analysis of the galaxy universe), which illustrates how new concepts and deeper observations reveal unexpected aspects of Nature.