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Hiding in the mirror

Code: KOS0826
Auteurs: Lawrence Krauss
ISBN: 9-780-6700-3395-9
Uitgever: Viking Adult
Uitgegeven: 2005
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Beginning well before Plato’s allegory of the cave and continuing to modern scientific breakthroughs from relativity to quantum mechanics, as well as to pop cultural icons like Twilight Zone and Star Trek, human beings have imagined, even longed for, alternate realities. Lawrence M. Krauss, one of the most gifted and engaging of writer-scientists today, examines why we have often believed that the answers to the great questions about existence lie in the possibility that we live in a universe more complex than we can see or otherwise sense. Drawing on work by scientists, mathematicians, artists, and writers’ from Einstein to Picasso to C. S. Lewis’ Hiding in the Mirror explores whether extra dimensions simply represent abstract speculation or hold the key to a deeper understanding of the universe. Krauss examines popular culture’s embrace and misunderstanding of topics such as black holes, life in another dimension, string theory, and some of the daring new theories that propose that large extra dimensions exist alongside our own. This is popular science writing at its best and most illuminating, witty, fascinating, and controversial.