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The search for infinity

Code: KOS0760
Auteurs: Gordon Fraser, Egil Lillestol et. al.
ISBN: 9-781-8573-2280-4
Uitgever: Checkmark Books
Uitgegeven: 1995
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: The Search for Infinity explains the great discoveries, from the structure of the Universe to the most fundamental particles. It looks at the vast power of the latest particle accelerators that has uncovered the inner world of atoms. It takes us on the search for the beginning of space and time, revealing the dramatic findings of cosmology: black holes engulfing stars in whirlpools of collapsing matter, pulsars roaring out their signals at the edge of the visible Universe, and the faint echo of the Big Bang.
The Search for Infinity gives insight into the greatest scientific questions of our time and the significance of the answers that have been found. It is a book for anyone who is curious about the nature of the world around them and fascinated by the great achievements of the human mind.