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Uncertainty: life and science of W. Heisenberg

Code: GES1011
Auteurs: David Cassidy
ISBN: 9-780-7167-2243-4
Uitgever: W. H. Freeman & Co
Uitgegeven: 1991
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: David Cassidy's portrait of this brilliant, ambitious and controversial scientist is the definitive Heisenberg biography. "An absorbing new biography of Werner Heisenberg ..." The Sunday Telegraph "Uncertainty is an exquisite book." Nature "...well balanced and exciting reading. Uncertainty is an excellent work which combines meticulous scholarship with a presentation freed of intellectual jargon and unnecessary scientific details. I see its merits first of all in its comprehensiveness and accuracy, and next in its success in recreating the personal drama of one of the greatest and most influential scientists of this century." Times Higher Education Supplement