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Einstein's unfinished symphony

Code: GES1000
Auteurs: Marcia Bartusiak
ISBN: 9-780-3090-6987-8
Uitgever: Joseph Henry Press
Uitgegeven: 2000
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: The book takes you on a journey through the history of physics since Einstein published his theories of relativity. Sufficient background information is provided without the mathematical details that might handicap those of us in other fields. Ms. Bartusiak does a fine job of explaining the many intricacies of relativity and gravitational wave physics in a clear and concise manner (for the physics layperson).

A detailed account of the testing of Einstein's theories during his lifetime and over the decades since he left us is provided. Einstein's insight was phenomenal (at least as far as I am concerned, being a non-physicist/engineer). I'm still amazed by the leap that he was able to take, thus changing physics forever. Not since Newton has anyone changed the face of our perception of the physical world around us (the universe's many objects and the evolution of the concept of space-time).

The majority of the text is devoted to the decades of research and development over gravitational wave detection. The concerted effort in the field is actually quite phenomenal. Since gravitational waves have never officially been detected, one might surmise that the book can't be very exciting. On the contrary, the history of the development of the technology for modern day test detection systems is very fascinating. I learned a great deal about the basic premises of relativity physics without having to take three or four courses in calculus. I was actually quite thrilled to find a book so easy to follow.