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Boojums all the way through

Code: DIV0084
Auteurs: David Mermin
ISBN: 9-780-5213-8880-1
Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Uitgegeven: 2002
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Boojums All the Way Through is a collection of essays that presents the dilemma of communicating modern physics to both physicists and non-physicists. Some addressed to a general audience, some to students and others to scientists, the essays all share a preoccupation with both the substance and the style of written scientific communication, and offer a unique view of everyday science or scientific practice with the intention of increased clarity for the reader. The author believes the tradition of bland and impersonal scientific writing over the past fifty years deprives scientists of powerful tools for enhancing their clarity and capacity to communicate complex ideas. A well recognized theoretical physicist and winner of the first Julius Edgar Lilienfeld prize of the American Physical Society, Mermin writes with wry humour and conveys complex ideas with startling simplicity.