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The golem: what you should know about science

Code: DIV0078
Auteurs: Harry Collins & Trevor Pinch
ISBN: 9-780-5216-4550-8
Uitgever: Canto
Uitgegeven: 1979
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Through a series of intriguing case studies including the study of relativity, cold fusion, the "memory" in worms, and the sex life of lizards, this book debunks the view that scientific knowledge is a straightforward outcome of competent theorization, observation, and experimentation. The first edition generated much debate and controversy. This second edition contains a substantial new Afterword that responds to some of the criticisms made by scientists. A distinction is made between the responses of scientific fundamentalists who maintain the myth of scientific certainty and more serious-minded critics. In dialogue with these latter critics The Golem attempts to build an island of reasoned debate between the two cultures. It seeks to replace the "Science Wars" with mutual understanding.