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Einstein and our world

Code: GES0984
Auteurs: David Cassidy
ISBN: 0-000-3910-3875-3
Uitgever: Prometheus
Uitgegeven: 1995
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: This is a fascinating account of the impact of Einstein's work and outlook upon contemporary culture and upon the scientific enterprise itself. Following a brief, nontechnical explanation of the significance of Einstein's achievements, Prof. Cassidy takes the reader on an intriguing journey through the uses and abuses of Einstein's relativity theory in such widely diverse settings as political ideology, philosophy of science, literature, art, religion, and the individual in an age of dictatorship, genocide, and weapons of mass destruction. Cassidy explores how Einstein's work spread throughout the physical sciences, leading to a new conception of the theoretical physicist as both physicist and cultural figure. While public fascination with Einstein's achievements grew, his authority as an influential spokesman for human dignity, intellectual freedom, and world peace continued to the end of his life