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Cosmic enigmas

Code: KOS0808
Auteurs: Joseph Silk
ISBN: 0-978-5639-6061-1
Uitgever: American Institute of Physics
Uitgegeven: 1994
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: "The dominant figures of postwar astrophysical cosmology have been the late Yakov Ze'ldovich, of Moscow, and Jim Peebles, of Princeton. But running a close third in influence has been Joseph Silk.... This collection is essential reading for the cosmological enthusiast." Nature These essays represent Joseph Silk's own meandering around cosmic themes. The topics span the beginning of time until its end and encompass the enigma of the evolution of large-scale structure, culminating in the formation of the galaxies. Dr. Silk has taken these writings from pieces written over the years, many commissioned to highlight a new look at a new discovery in cosmology. Some have been rewritten to capture a modern perspective while others remain as written to encapsulate his thoughts of a decade ago.