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Across the Frontiers

Code: DIV0018
Auteurs: Werner Heisenberg
ISBN: 0-000-9180-2481-1
Uitgever: OxBow Press
Uitgegeven: 1990
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Heisenberg’s non-technical writings on physics have always been notable for a strong sense of the history of the subject, and for a clear perception of the impact of modern discoveries on time-honoured  philosophical disputes.  The essays in this volume include appreciative assessments of the work of Einstein, Planck and Pauli and discussions of the structure of scientific theories, the role of abstraction in science, the function of natural laws and the ultimate nature of matter.  This work also provides Heisenberg’s sage reflections on the conditions for progress in science: a striking essay on Goethe’s attitude to science; a charming evocation of the city of Munich; and suggestive studies of the parallels and affinities between science, art and religion