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Where is science going?

Code: DIV0014
Auteurs: Max Planck
ISBN: 0-000-9180-2422-0
Uitgever: OxBow Press
Uitgegeven: 1981
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Excerpt: What has led them to devote their lives to the pursuit of science? That question is difficult to answer and could never be answered in a simple categorical way. Personally I am inclined to agree with Schopenhauer in thinking that one of the strongest motives that lead people to give their lives to art and science is the urge to flee from everyday life, with its drab and deadly dullness, and thus to unshackle the chains of one's own transient desires, which supplant one another in an interminable succession so long as the mind is fixed on the horizon of daily environment.
But to this negative motive a positive one must be added. Human nature always has tried to form for itself a simple and synoptic image of the surrounding world. In doing this it tries to construct a picture which will give some sort of tangible expression to what the human mind sees in nature. That is what the poet does.