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Riddles in your teacup

Code: DIV0012
Auteurs: Partha Goose, Dipankar Home
ISBN: 9-780-7503-0275-3
Uitgever: Rupa publications india
Uitgegeven: 1993
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: Fun with everyday scientific puzzles:
Why is the night dark? How do bees buzz? Why do tea leaves collect in the centre of the cup after stirring? What makes a river meander? Why do people snore? Why does rain fall in drops? Natural phenomena and ordinary everyday things often contain surprises and puzzles when we try to understand them in terms of basic scientific principles. In this book, Partha Ghose and Dipankar Home have put together a wide range of puzzles and paradoxes from everyday life, also including riddles that have so far defied all explanation.