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Double stars for small telescopes

Code: WAA0672
Auteurs: Sissy Haas
ISBN: 9781931559324
Uitgever: Sky&Telescope
Uitgegeven: 2006
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: .
Double stars are among the best-kept secrets in nature. Yet even a small scope will reveal that hundreds of bright stars are actually double or multiple suns. When fainter stars are included, tens of thousands turn out to be double. Double Stars for Small Telescopes features an in-depth catalog of 2,101 double or multiple stars whose primary is magnitude 8 or brighter. Every entry contains the location of each stellar set (listed alphabetically by constellation), its name, the brightness of every star, the separation of the stars from each other, plus any known spectral and orbital information. Also included are descriptive comments by the author and other double-star observers that convey the beauty of many of these colorful pairs. All the entries in Double Stars for Small Telescopes are considered by the author to be the most attractive and interesting of the more than 102,000 pairs listed in the Washington Double Star Catalog, the world's principal database of double- and multiple-star information. Double Stars for Small Telescopes, which includes an introduction to double stars, the 2,101-entry catalog, and a list of resources is perfect for those wanting to hunt down these hidden stellar treats.