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New frontiers of space

Code: ALG1132
Auteurs: Jeffrey Klüger and Michaël D.Lemonick
ISBN: 9781618930524
Uitgever: Time
Taal: Engels
Korte beschrijving: What's new in the universe? Journey with the editors of TIME as they explore the latest scientific discoveries within our solar system and beyond. Recent advances in technology have helped astronomers put to rest centuries-old debates about space and the universe, but they have also raised newer, more intriguing questions: What is the nature of dark matter and what does it tell us about the origins of the universe? Does new data strongly suggest that microbial life exists beyond Earth-in our own solar system? How does the discovery of far more exoplanets than scientists once estimated impact the odds that advanced life may exist elsewhere in the universe? Are space tourism and commercial asteroid mining feasible? TIME explores these topics and more in a stunning view of the final frontier.