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Four Hundred Years of The Copernican Heritage

Code: GES0037
Auteurs: Eugeniusz Rybka
Uitgever: Jagellonian University of Cracow
Uitgegeven: 1964
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: The only review in this instance will, unfortunately, be of little value to other readers. This is because I purchased this title during study research, and out of a general interest in this profoundly, intellectually diverse, historic figure. In fact, it was the very diversity of his attainments that fascinated. The copy, being one of only two available at the time and I decided to acquire it as a retained study reference and have not currently devoted time to a comprehensive reading. However, for anyone interested, while this is in no sense a vast tome it is produced by a fellow countryman in the early 1960s and even scanned briefly promises to be informative