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Code: GES0760
Auteurs: Peter D' Smith
ISBN: 9781904341154
Uitgever: Haus publishing
Uitgegeven: 2003
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: Albert Einstein revolutionised science and our view of the universe. In one extraordinary year, Einstein re-wrote the textbooks of science and, ever since, physics has been little more than a series of footnotes to the theories of a 26-year-old patent-office clerk. In 1905, Einstein not only overturned the Newtonian absolutes of time and space, but also transformed our understanding of matter at the sub-atomic level, for which he later received the Nobel Prize. By the time of his death in 1955, his name was synonymous with genius and he was familiar to people throughout the world. In recent years, however, new light has been thrown on Einstein's private life, including the story of his student love affair with Mileva Maric and their illegitimate daughter, Lieserl. A rogue-like rebel in his life, as in his science, Einstein was never afraid to break the rules. Alongside Galileo and Newton, Einstein ranks as one of the greatest scientific minds. After Einstein, neither the world nor physics could be the same again.