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Jantar Mantar, Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur

Code: GES0477
Auteurs: Dr Panda Rajaram
Uitgever: Mittal publications
Korte beschrijving: Jantar Mantar: The Astronomical Observatory at Jaipur is one of the many unique and distinguished creations of the ambidextreous Maharaja Sawai Jai SingII, the founder of Jaipur: It is the largest observatory in India and has been attracting qualified astronomers and anxious tourits from all over de world. Dispite the fact that this monument now belongs to the legacy of a resplendent past, as also the gigantic strides made in the field of astronomy, Jantar Mantar at Jaipur has been a beacon for the past generations of astronomers and would give the reader an idea of the advanced state, to which this sciece of astronomy had arrived in India as long as three centuries back. This book explains some of the mystiques of the observatory.