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Small Telescopes and Astronomical Research

Code: INS0355
Auteurs: RussellM. Genet, Jolyon M. Johnson, & Vera Wallen
ISBN: 9780978844134
Uitgever: Collins Foundation Press
Uitgegeven: 2010
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving: This book chronicles the remarkable resurgence in small telescope astronomical research sparked by three technical breakthroughs: compact Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, personal computers, and affordable CCD cameras. Every night, cosmic mysteries are being probed by thousands of "backyard Galileos." Increasingly, professionals and amateurs as well as college and even high school students are engaging in original research and preparing papers for publication. The Galilean tradition of small telescope astronomical research continues-you are invited to join in. Small Telescope and Astronomical Research Edited by Russell M. Genet, Jolyon M. Johnson, and Vera Wallen Foreword by Alex Filippenko